Cezar Ritz

Hospitality – Tourism – Leadership – Entrepreneurship – Heritage

With 3 campuses, 2 university validations and 1 challenging, international business plan competition, César Ritz Colleges students benefit from the best of both worlds: a learning environment steeped in Ritz heritage and Swiss hospitality traditions combined with a top business management education.


Our programs are based on the teachings of César Ritz, the world-renowned Swiss hotelier and founder of the famous Ritz hotels. Widely recognised as the pioneer of luxury hotels, the pillars of luxury, excellence and service are worldwide standards that are passed on to each of our students.


Bachelor students can choose to start their studies in French-speaking Le Bouveret or German-speaking Lucerne, spending their third and final year at the Brig campus.


Seize the opportunity to explore the world of hospitality and graduate with a ready-to-implement business plan. The final year of the Bachelor degree is focused on the creation of a viable business plan. Over a nine month period, create a springboard for your future career opportunities.

Discover the César Ritz Legacy

Born in 1850, as the thirteenth son of a large family from the Swiss Alps, the now legendary César Ritz had to face multiple challenges and setbacks in his career but managed to overcome these to write hospitality history. He went on to become the pioneer of true luxury hospitality known as “The King of Hoteliers, and The Hotelier of Kings” with his most prestigious accomplishment being the Ritz Paris, which still carries his name to this day. His relentless focus on guest and customer experience within his teams was made clear in the famous phrase: “The customer is never wrong”.
Just the way César Ritz was able to partner and excel with the famous French chef Auguste Escoffier, our students also have the privilege to collaborate with and share their campuses with our artists of the culinary, pastry, and chocolate arts, who in turn will become future chef entrepreneurs around the globe.



  • Bachelor of International Business in Hotel and Tourism Management
  • Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business Management


  • Master of International Business in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  • Master of Arts in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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